Banding Cancelled Saturday – Rescheduled to Sunday

Due to Tropical Storm Nestor in the Gulf there will be high winds and rain most of the day tomorrow.  The major concern is having wet birds in the nets could result is mortalities.  Also, high winds are predicted which is another hazard since birds caught in mist nets could be blown/twisted in an unsafe manner.

We will be banding in Hammock Park on Sunday morning instead!  There are a LOT of migrants being seen in the area on Friday morning so we are hoping for a big day with a high number of birds.

I hope to see you in the Hammock on Sunday morning!



Parula and Prothonotary Warblers

Image 9

Female American Redstart ready to go.

Fall Bird Banding in Hammock Park This Saturday

For our long-time supporters, we will be having one day of banding in Hammock Park this Saturday.  From 8 am until noon, we will be set up at our usual spot on the Kettles Trail (just east of the Palm Trail).  Look for the pop-up tent and the enthusiastic birders:) . There will be signs leading visitors from the main parking lot next to the Butterfly Garden to the station.

The weather forecast looks a little ominous but we will set up and have the nets open if it is not raining.  Keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds and brings a variety of interesting migratory birds!


Nice male Black-throated Blue Warbler