Virus Cancels Banding Season

I apologize for the delay in letting you all know that we will not be banding at Hammock Park or out on Caladesi Island State Park.  We did get in one day of banding but the City of Dunedin and the State Park System decided to close the parks to ALL group activities.  Needless to say, it is very disappointing to lose a spring season of banding but we all need to stay safe.

On the positive side, I am planning to do one day of banding on the campus of my elementary school next week.  I am working with our IT staff person to figure out a way to broadcast the banding at least for a few hours.  Stay tuned to this blog for an update about how you might be able to watch the banding on-line!

Stay safe and try to get out to see the beautiful, migratory birds as they pass through West-Central Florida:)



Male Scarlet Tanager

Spring 2020 Begins on Caladesi Island

Today was our first day of banding on the island. It was a beautiful morning with a cool start that warmed up nicely. A singing Chuck-wills-widow was on the trail leading to the banding station which was a treat!

We had 15 nets up including 2 canopy nets for most of the time. We caught a decent amount of birds including 3 Gray Catbirds, 3 Palm Warblers, an Ovenbird, a male Northern Parula and recaptures of a Carolina Wren & female Northern Cardinal.

There were a few challenges to start the season including the ferry being closed due to the Corona virus. This forced us to transport volunteers via a donated boat.

There were a lot of resident birds singing including Eastern Towhee, Pine Warblers, N. Parula and Cardinals. Now just bring on the migrants:)

Beautiful male Northern Parula warbler that was singing above our new canopy net.
Volunteers Zach & Kay banding the Parula.
Birds waiting to be processed & released
Kay & Zach enjoying the boat ride back to the mainland:)