Spring Banding Dates Set

After a few months off, it is time to get back to work surveying for migrants.  As per usual, we will band for 6 sundays but this spring we will be taking off Easter weekend.  Below are our dates so put them on your calendar and we’ll see you in the Hammock😎

Banding Dates – Spring 2017

March 26th

April 4th, 9th

No Banding – April 26th (Easter)

April 23rd, 30th

May 7th


It’s All About the Catbirds

Last Sunday we had a busier day with a total of 23 birds netted (21 new captures and 2 recaptures).  Of those, we had 13 Gray Catbirds!  The different things included 2 female Indigo Buntings, a Palm Warbler and a Swainson’s Thrush with a deformed bill.  One fun thing about bird banding is that you never know what is going to be in the nets (kind of like Christmas every 30 minutes)!

The other unusual thing was what I heard while we were setting up the nets in the dark (about 7 am).  Back in the thicker part of the hardwood hammock I heard a bird call that sounded familiar but it was different.  It sounded like the Chuck-wills-widow but the call lacked a syllable.  It was a Whip-poor-will calling.  It only called twice then it went silent.  That is the first time I have ever heard one in Hammock Park.

Deformed Swainson's Thrush bill

Deformed Swainson’s Thrush bill


Top view of the thrush’s bill








Nice Eastern Phoebe from the previous week

Nice Eastern Phoebe from the previous week


Palm Warbler