Spring Banding Season Wraps Up Nicely

We ended up the Spring 2018 season with two respectable days of 21 and 27 birds total.  This gave us an overall total of 122 birds in just 5 days of banding.  Of these birds, 10 were recaptures.  We had a push of Gray Catbirds and Common Yellowthroats during the last 2 days of banding.  The highlights for me, personally, were banding our first Pileated Woodpecker (a male), another Blue Grosebeak and a decent variety of warblers.  Halfway through the season we surpassed the 1,000 birds banded mark!  We have banded 1,034 birds in Hammock Park to date through this project.

Huge thanks as always go out to our dedicated volunteer assistants for another successful season! you to all the folks who came out to visit the banding station this spring!

Season Totals:  122 birds of 23 Species

  1.  Gray Catbird:  29
  2. Northern Cardinal:  13
  3. Common Yellowthroat:  12
  4. Carolina Wren:  10
  5. Hooded Warbler:  9
  6. Indigo Bunting:  9
  7. Ovenbird:  7
  8. N. Parula: 4
  9. Black & White Warbler:  4
  10. Downy Woodpecker:  3
  11. White-eyed Vireo:  3
  12. Painted Bunting:  3
  13. N. Waterthrush:  3
  14. Veery:  3
  15. Black throated blue Warbler:  2
  16. American Redstart:  1
  17. Blue Grosebeak:  1
  18. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher:  1
  19. Grey-cheeked Thrush:  1
  20. Kentucky Warbler:  1
  21. Worm-eating Warbler:  1
  22. Swainson’s Warbler:  1
  23. Pileated Woodpecker:  1



Very Productive Banding on Earth Day

We had a good day despite the breezy conditions. Over 50 visitors to the station were treated to a nice diversity of species. Highlights included Black-throated blue, hooded, black and white, ovenbird, and Kentucky warblers. The day ended with the Banding of a male Pileated Woodpecker.


Black-throated Blue Warbler;  Kentucky Warbler; Ovenbird;  Indigo Bunting; Common Yellow-throat; Hooded Warbler (3); Black and White Warbler; Gray Catbirds (9); Carolina Wren (6); Pileated Woodpecker; Recaptures (3)

Total Species: 10

Total Individuals: 25

Nice male Black-throated Blue Warbler


Ovenbird waiting to be extracted from one of the nets

Pileated Woodpecker IMG_1420

Our first banded Pileated Woodpecker:)

Hooded WarblesIMG_1378

Mrs. and Mr. Hooded Warbler

Kentucky WarblerIMG_1387

Only our 2nd Kentucky warbler.


Crown of the Male Kentucky Warbler


Nice Male Kentucky Warbler head shot