Banding Cancelled This Sunday

For the first time since starting the banding in Hammock Park, we need to cancel due to the weather. The forecast calls for 20+ mph winds and heavy rain all day. I hope our migrating feathered friends will be ok during this stressful journey.

We will see you next week in the park.


Big Day Follows Foul Weather

After a windy and rainy day yesterday, the winds calmed down and lots of birds were in Hammock Park.  Nearly every net run we had at least a bird or two out of the 12 nets.  The total ended up being 36 birds with 3 of them recaptures.  We had a good diversity of birds with 13 species being captured.  The male Indigo Buntings were very nice plus a male Blue Grosebeak stealing the show.  Other highlights included 3 “greenie” Painted Buntings, a Worm-Eating Warbler and Swainson’s warbler.  The female Northern Parula we caught had a brood patch which meant she was incubating eggs.

I am predicting that next Sunday we will see more female Hooded Warblers, female Indigo Buntings and hopefully some thrushes.  With mid-April being the peak time of spring migration, we hope it will be another good day!