Good Day for Migrants in Hammock Park

In celebration of “International Migratory Bird Day” we had a day of bird banding in Hammock Park.  The day started cool and our band of volunteers got 10 nets set up and open by 7:15 am.  The first two net runs were very productive with one net producing 7 birds!

We had a total of 23 birds captured (2 were recaptures) of 7 different species.  We had a good variety and event caught a fledgling Tufted Titmouse in one of the nets.  Probably the coolest birds of the day were a Second Year Male Blue Grosbeak and a male and female Kentucky Warbler.  The thrushes were well represented with 3 Gray-cheeked Thrushes and a Veery being captured.

We will be having one day of banding in Hammock Park in the Fall season.  Watch this blog for notification of the date.

Totals for the Day:

Species                                # of Birds         

Kentucky Warbler                    2

Gray Catbird                              9

N. Cardinal                                 4

Tufted Titmouse                        3

Gray-cheeked Thrush               3

Veery                                            1

Blue Grosbeak                            1

Total:                                          23




A Near Banding “Grand-Slam” of Thrushes Today

While banding today at my school in Lutz, Florida, we nearly cut off for species of thrushes that are expected in our part of Florida. We had the wood thrush, Gray-cheeked thrush, and Veery. The only one we were missing was the Swainsons thrush. I hope this bodes well for a productive day of banding this Saturday in Hammock Park:)