Fall Migration is Underway!

This afternoon during a break in the rains I saw a female American Redstart and a male Black & White Warbler in my back yard.  I got so excited that I donned my rain jacket, swimsuit, Keen sandals and grabbed my binoculars and headed to Hammock Park.  I was very curious to see what was hopping at the park.  Unfortunately, I found mostly hungry mosquitoes but I did see 2 more Black & White warblers and 3 Red-Eyed Vireos.  Of course, there was a lot of water on the trails so I am guessed at least the start of our fall banding will be pretty wet!

Enjoy sleeping in on Sunday mornings!  Only 6 more weeks until we start our fall banding:)

Image 9

Female American Redstart free to go.


Special Warbler intensive reading program.

Image 4

Study up on confusing fall warblers!  What is this dull plumaged female warbler?