Meet the banding station volunteers who make it all happen!


When I was only 7 years old, I chased down a singing bird to find out what it was. When I got close enough to it, I observed it and used my bird book to identify it as a House Wren. Ever since that day, I have been hooked.  I learned to band birds at Riveredge Nature Center in Newburg, Wisconsin. Then, I was lucky enough to land a job in the city of Milwaukee  for setting up a migratory bird banding project.  I started this project in 2011 with a sub-permit under Marianne Korosy’s Master Permit for bird banding for the US Geological Survey.  In January of 2017, I received a Master Banding permit which allows me to continue guiding and evolving this project.  During the week, I teach environmental science to elementary age students at Learning Gate Community School in Lutz.                                      Jim McGinity, Master Bander



I am a graduate of the University of South Florida, Tampa, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology. I have been interested in birds since I was a child, having raised and handled various species over the years. Currently I volunteer for several banding projects while also seeking a scientific query for graduate studies. I am a certified interpretative guide for both natural and historical sites by both the National Association for Interpretation and the Florida Park Service.  Kay Prophet



Andrew & Anastasia admiring our rare SWWA visitor.

During the week I am a Senior Ecologist at Applied Bionomics, LLC, a professional environmental consulting firm headquartered in Tampa. My work takes me all around Florida, surveying for many of the state’s listed species, including burrowing owls, scrub-jays, southeastern American kestrels, crested caracaras, and gopher tortoises. I took a bird bander training course in 2010 in North Carolina during which I learned how to safely handle birds, extract them from the nets and other related skills.  Andrew Fuddy



I am a retired scientist from Cardno doing projects on wetlands and rare plants/animals in Florida.  I am one of the extractor volunteers and love the variety of birds that we get to see “up close” and personal.  My claim to “fame” is that I was the volunteer that extracted our first ever Swainson’s Warbler!  I live up in the Brooksville area and also spend time with my dogs in field trial competitions.  Eva Bailey


Jenn got interested in birds through photography while living in central and south Florida.  After being introduced to bird banding in Miami, she sought it out when she moved to Palm Harbor two years ago.  She is our chief scribe and has contributed her organizational skills to improve the project.  Jenn Zelik

Volunteer Kylie Noonan

Graduate of Eckerd College in St. Pete with my BA in Biology & Psychology. Boston native. Work as an Environmental Specialist at the DOH. Have had a passion for ornithology my whole life, with my serious interest starting early in college which led me to complete a few courses as well as a bird banding course in 2017 at Tall Timbers. Monitored nests for OspreyWatch during college & am currently learning to extract, scribe, and band with Jim. Looking forward to pursuing a masters degree in the years to come. Kylie Noonan


I started watching birds when I was 15. I took every Biology class I could while in high school. I  have taught bird ID courses as well as led many field trips throughout the US. I have a BS in Biology from MUM (MIU) and an MS in Science Education form Florida State. I have been a science teacher/tech coordinator for PCS for 35 years. I am a MAPS trained bird bander.  Paul Trunk


b.Clearwater 43, Clearwater HS 61, MIT 65, Columbia 69, Lahey Clinic 75, returned Clearwater 75, orthopedic surgeon, retired 05, started birding 05, rip??
John Hood


I moved to Clearwater about 2 years ago from the Chicago area.  I worked at a nature center up there and was involved with their “Lights Out” campaign to protect migratory birds.  Part of the project involved picking up dead migratory birds around the skyscrapers down town.  I am glad to be able to work with beautiful, live migratory birds and help to protect them.  I help set up nets, extract the birds and educate the visitors about the project.  During the week, I work at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium as the Education Coordinator.  Anastasia Steinbrenner (temporarily on sabbatical in grad school in Germany)



7 thoughts on “Volunteers

  1. I am intersted in participating this October of 2015 banding project. I would like to know what requirements would be necessary to participate. Thank you Anny T

    • Hi Anna Marie – thanks for your interest in the project. For starters, I suggest you come to the first session in mid September and see what it is all about. We are open to the public from 8 am – noon. The best time is usually between 8 am – 10 am. Hope to see you there:)

  2. Dear Ladies and Gentleman , 04.06.19

    my name is Jens Freitag, I am 43 years old and live in Frankenberg/Eder (Germany) where I work as biology teacher.

    I have been banding birds for the Institute of Avian Research “Vogelwarte Helgoland” for the last five years. So far, I have participated in courses of the Institute including catching birds with Helogland traps, mistnets and clap traps as well as in handling, ringing, measuring, ageing and sexing passerines and waders.

    I`m interested in working as a volunteer at you station to gain more experience and I would appreciate to support your work. If possible, I would like to come during my sabbatical in spring 2020.

    Best regards

    Jens Freitag

    • Dear Jens – Nice to hear from you. I am the Master Bander and the leader of this project is West – Central Florida. What age students do you teach? I, too, am a teacher of young students (ages 5 – 12 years old). I teach environmental science and am able to band birds on our wooded campus (in addition to this project).
      I would welcome your help but I want to make you aware that we don’t typically catch a large number of birds. How long will you be in the states? I can put you in touch with a few other banding stations (Ohio and Pennsylvania) that also band birds and catch more birds than we do.

      I have a very good friend in graduate school in Erfurt. Do you live very far from there? She is interested in volunteering at a bird banding project while she is in Germany (she was one of my best volunteers).
      I look forward to hearing from you.


      Jim McGinity

  3. Hello. I am interested in volunteering this season with banding. I have assisted at banding stations before with extracting and banding. I am trying to build my banding resume for a future permit. Please let me know if you could use the assistance.

    Thank you,

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