Dunedin Hammock Park Migratory Bird Project

Title: Importance of Local Natural Areas to Migratory Birds in West-Central Florida

Project Location: Dunedin Hammock Park; Dunedin, Florida

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Project Description

The primary research question is to assess the importance to neotropical migratory birds of a 90-acre hammock park that is located in the most densely populated part of Florida. The project will consist of regular bird surveys during the spring and fall migration periods and weekly mist netting and banding. Banding will enable researchers to document the presence of birds using the park and identify the most important areas to migrants. This information will inform the Park Advisory Committee and City staff on where to direct the efforts to remove invasive plants, create a management plan and to maintain the ecological integrity of these habitats. Up to ten mist nets will be located in the variety of habitats in the park and will require close coordination with the City and communication with the public users of the park.

In addition to the bird monitoring and banding efforts, the project will allow staff to educate the citizens of Dunedin about the importance of the park to birds.

Data obtained will be compared with that from Honeymoon Island State Park and Ft. DeSoto County Park to determine the relative importance of the park to migrants.


The objectives of this project are to gather data, which will:

  • Identify migratory and resident bird species found in Hammock Park •
  • Document seasonal fluctuations of avian species in West-Central Florida •
  • Update the bird checklist for the park (last updated in 1981) •
  • Educate the citizens of the importance of Hammock Park to migratory birds