Spring Banding Season Ends Quietly

We had a total of 15 birds but we did have an interesting variety.  At one point in the morning, we had a Veery and a Swainson’s Thrush at the same time.  It allowed us to compared them side by side including taking photos.  I really like the cinnamon brown back and indistinct spotting on the Veery.  Also, there is a significant size difference between them that you can really appreciate in comparison.

We had a number of visitors again come in the hopes of seeing some cool migrants but the weather did not cooperate.  It is very weather dependent and we hope the fronts come through a day or two before we are banding on Sunday mornings.

I will have a Spring banding summary posted very soon.

Image 6

Which one is which: Swainson’s Thrush & Veery?


Image 10

Same position as the first photo.









Image 7

Cool camouflaged moth on a tree along the Kettles Trail.

Image 4







Image 8

Female Indigo Bunting head shot. Conical shaped bill indicates a seed eating bird.

Image 9

Checking for molt limits in the wing.








Image 5

Speckling on the throat is diagnostic of a Northern Waterthrush.