Mellow Last Day of Banding for the Spring Season

After a record day on April 20th, our last day was relatively laid back.  We had a total of 11 new captures and 3 recaptures.  Among the new birds, the Grey Catbirds led the charge.  Interesting birds included a Grey-cheeked Thrush and a Wood Thrush.  The recaptures included a Grey Catbird that was banded the week before, a Northern Cardinal and a Black and White Warbler.  The warbler had been banded April 7, 2013.  Pretty cool!

Thank you to all the visitors we had during the season, the support of Clearwater Audubon Society and the very dedicated volunteer banding crew!  The summer will be filled with entering data, mending nets, and working on the blog.  I will post additional photos and a summary of the spring banding soon.


Name that thrush?

Name that thrush?

Image 2

Checking out her rectrices (tail feathers)

Image 4

Calm children’s hands often get rewarded.

Image 5

Checking out the Wood Thrush molt limits

Image 7

Beautiful Wood Thrush