Spring Banding Starts Slowly

Our season is off to a slow start with our first Days total at 10 birds. We did catch three northern Waterthrush, and ovenbird, and three male northern Cardinals. It was neat being able to compare the different Waterthrush individuals as to how much fat they had in their general condition.

Also, we were able to color band one of the wintering ovenbirds. If you are birding in hammock park, keep an eye out for an oven bird with colored leg bands. The Bird will have a silver and blue band on it’s right leg and gray and red bands on its left leg. Please report any sightings to me as soon as possible.

We are taking Easter weekend off and we will see everyone next weekend on April 8th 🙂

Help Needed for Banding Prep

For any of you local readers who are interested we will be clearing the net lanes this week in preparation for the Spring 2018 banding season.  We could use a few volunteers to help us out.  We will meet in the parking lot for Hammock Park (behind the butterfly garden) then will walk into the park to the Kettles trail.  We have 12 net locations and since the hurricane damage last fall there may be a LOT of work to do.  Please bring hand clippers, loppers and let me know if any of you have a weed eater that you can bring.

If you can’t make it, we will see you next Sunday morning for our first banding session:)