Spring 2017 Ends on a High

Our last day of banding for the spring was on May 7, 2017, and it turned out to be a very busy day 🙂  We ended up with a total of 41 birds caught with only three of those being recaptures. We had a total of 16 species that we banded which was a high total for the season. Our overall total for the six days of banding were 139 birds captured and 27 birds recaptured.

The diversity was really wonderful but for me the highlight had to be a second yellow billed cuckoo.   Plus getting a chance to see two male Magnolia Warbler’s of two different age classes (ASY & SY). Some of the other species we captured included American redstart, hooded warbler, common yellowthroat, indigo Bunting, Ricci thrush, & Swainsons thrush.

I did a quick total for all the seasons and years that we’ve been banding at hammock park and saw that we are at about 960 birds banded. That means we will hit the 1000 bird banded mark during the Fall Season which will be pretty exciting!

I can’t wait to see what species will be our 1,000th bird banded:)​