Spring 2016 Banding Report – Hammock Park

We had another eventful season of banding in the Hammock. Unfortunately, we had a record low number of total birds but we did have a few highlights.  First, was the addition of the Blue Grosebeak to our “species banded” list for the station.  It was a beautiful male who in addition to gorgeous plumage had a powerful bite!  Second, we had 3 Swainson’s Warblers which are a very secretive bird that is difficult to see in the field.  A number of visitors got to see this camouflaged bird up close and personal.  Lastly, we had a significant increase in the number of visitors to the banding station.  A number of first time visitors and several from other countries (Hungary, Cuba and Poland).  The project will continue to grow and, hopefully, continue to increase the number of birds caught each season.  I hope that you can all come out to see the station this fall!

Season Banding Totals:   58 Birds

Gray Catbird – 20

Northern Cardinal – 2

Blue Grosebeak – 1

Hooded Warbler – 9

Palm Warbler – 1

Prairie Warbler – 1

Yellow-rumped Warbler – 2

Common Yellowthroat – 2

Swainson’s Warbler – 3

Northern Waterthrush – 1

Louisiana Waterthrush – 1

White-eyed Vireo – 4

Painted Bunting – 1

Indigo Bunting – 2

Carolina Wren – 1

Veery – 1


Common Yellowthroat – 2/27/16                   Banded:  10/18/2015

Northern Cardinal – 3/20/2016                       Banded:   10/13/2013

Gray Catbird – 3/27/2016                               Banded:  3/22/2015

Northern Cardinal – 4/10/2016


Gray Catbird – 4/17/2016                               Banded:  3/22/2015

Northern Cardinal – 4/17/2015                       Banded:  3/22/2015