Good Day for Migrants in Hammock Park

In celebration of “International Migratory Bird Day” we had a day of bird banding in Hammock Park.  The day started cool and our band of volunteers got 10 nets set up and open by 7:15 am.  The first two net runs were very productive with one net producing 7 birds!

We had a total of 23 birds captured (2 were recaptures) of 7 different species.  We had a good variety and event caught a fledgling Tufted Titmouse in one of the nets.  Probably the coolest birds of the day were a Second Year Male Blue Grosbeak and a male and female Kentucky Warbler.  The thrushes were well represented with 3 Gray-cheeked Thrushes and a Veery being captured.

We will be having one day of banding in Hammock Park in the Fall season.  Watch this blog for notification of the date.

Totals for the Day:

Species                                # of Birds         

Kentucky Warbler                    2

Gray Catbird                              9

N. Cardinal                                 4

Tufted Titmouse                        3

Gray-cheeked Thrush               3

Veery                                            1

Blue Grosbeak                            1

Total:                                          23



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