New Banding Station Starts Up on Caladesi Island

We have had 3 days of banding on the southern portion of the island. It has been slow with few birds caught but we have seen a fair amount of migrants in the last 2 weeks. We have been getting used to the additional logistics of taking a boat from Honeymoon Island over to Caladesi then a hike down to the station.

We have set up at the old Boy Scout area with a few picnic tables and a pavilion to work from. As in the Hammock, we set up 12 nets including a canopy net. We have clustered 6 nets around the shelter and another 6 nets about ¼ mile south of the pavilion under a group of live oak trees. This area is all in a restricted area of the park and is not open to the public.

Here are the totals from the first 3 weeks of banding this fall at the Caladesi Island Banding Station (CIBS):

March 24, 2019:

House Wren

Northern Cardinal (2)

March 31, 2019:   

Palm Warbler

Black & White Warbler

White-eyed Vireo

Gray Catbird

Northern Cardinal (2)

April 7, 2019:

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

White-eyed Vireo (2)

Kentucky Warbler (male)

Summer Tanager (male)

Totals:             14 Birds; 9 species

Although we have not caught a large number of birds (yet), we have caught some interesting things. Probably the highlights for me were the male Summer Tanager and male Kentucky Warbler.  We have had tremendous support from the Park staff including Assistant Park Manager, Brett Gorman, and biologist, Dan Larremore.  As per usual, the project relies on dedicated and generous volunteers.  A special thanks for boat captains, Harvey Kerstein and Bert Thomas.

Unfortunately, tomorrow’s banding session had to be cancelled due to high winds. We have 2 more days of banding on 4/28 and 5/5 so hopefully the migrants will still be moving through!

Male Summer Tanager

Male Summer Tanager to start the day!


Male Kentucky Warbler caught close to the mangroves



Hiking in the dark to the station (and watching out for rattle-snakes)


CIBS – Home Sweet Home


A beautiful net run walk


Discussing the molt limits on a male N. Cardinal


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