Near Record Day at the Hammock!

Finally, the hurricane had passed and a mild cold front arrived bringing a good variety of birds to Hammock Park.  We were setting up the nets to a temperature of 67 degrees and there was no wind.  This made for great banding conditions.

We caught a total of 35 birds (4 were recaptures) of 14 species.  Our record day for the project was 47 birds (Spring 2014).  This included a number of migrants with the Indigo Buntings taking the prize for the day with 9 birds captured.  A number of other species were seen in the park including Blackburnian and Bay-Breasted warblers (but they were too high for the nets).   We also welcomed a field trip from the Florida Birding & Nature Festival which was really fun.  Everyone got to see birds and a few even got to release some of the birds.

Daily Totals:

American Redstart – 1

Blue Jay – 2

Brown Thrasher – 2

Carolina Wren – 1

Common Yellowthroat – 3

Gray Catbird – 4

Hooded Warbler – 2

House Wren – 1

Indigo Bunting – 9

Magnolia Warbler – 1

Northern Cardinal – 2

Ovenbird – 5

White-eyed Vireo – 1

Wood Thrush – 1

Total = 35 Birds (4 recaptures)      14 species


Who’s tail is this? Magnolia Warbler

Hooded Warbler Mug Shot

Interesting molt limits in the primary coverts of an Indigo Bunting

Wood Thrush #18 for the project

Wood Thrush Mug Shot



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