Swainson’s Warbler Steals the Show

Although it was another slow day of bird banding in hammock Park, we did have one very nice bird – a Swainson’s Warbler 🙂

We had a total of 12 birds with 5 of them recaptures. One of the recaptured Ovenbirds we had initially banded last week. It had lost one gram in weight so I wonder if it might be sticking around for the winter.

The Swainson’s is probably heading down to the West Indies to spend the winter. It had one small, white feather on the crown of it’s head. This is only the 11th we have caught in 7 years and only the first one in the fall!

We are hoping for a cool front at the end of next week to push down more birds.

Banding Totals:

Swainson’s Warbler – 1

Ovenbird – 4 (2 recaptures)

Common Yellow-throat – 1

N. Cardinal – 2 (1 recapture)

Carolina Wren – 3 (2 recaptures)

Blue Jay – 1

Total: 12 birds

Species: 6

Head shot of the “star” of the day

Close-up of the one white feather on crown

Head shot of a female Common Yellow-throat

Young hatch year male Cardinal with his dull beak

Notice the new flight feather molting in.

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