Fall Banding Off to a Slow, Hot Start

Maybe we can blame the slow first day of banding on Hurricane Florence hitting the Carolinas and holding up all the migrants?  Either way, it was a very hot, humid start to the season.  We had a cracker-jack crew of 11 volunteers show up to set up the 13 nets in record time.  Although it was a slow day as far as amount of birds captured, we definitely had a few interesting birds.  We had a first year female Magnolia, a young Acadian Flycatcher, 2 species of Vireo (White and Red-eyeds) and a recapture Ovenbird.

Probably the most significant capture (or recapture) was the Ovenbird.  It was first banded on 9/21/2014 and was recaptured on:  3/22/2015, 9/27/2015 and then again today, 9/16/2018.  That means this particular Ovenbird is at least 4 years old and has made 4 round trip migrations.  The question I have is where is this little guy spending the winter?  We hadn’t seen for the last 3 years.  Regardless, he really likes Hammock Park and is definitely a world traveler!

Hopefully the weather will bring us more migrants next week in the Hammock!

Banding Totals:

Magnolia Warbler – 1

Acadian Flycatcher – 1

White-eyed Vireo – 2

Red-eyed Vireo – 1

Ovenbird – 2 (1 recapture)

N. Cardinal – 4 (2 recaptures)

Brown Thrasher – 4

Total = 15 Birds (3 Recaptures)

Acadian Flycatcher

First year Acadian Flycatcher


Nice look at the primary coverts and wing of an Acadian Flycatcher


White-eyed Vireo & Red-eyed Vireo side by side, front view


White-eyed Vireo & Red-eyed Vireo side by side, back view


Check out the wide bill and cool rictal bristles (modified feathers) to help the bird capture flying insects.


Young female Magnolia Warbler


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